7 Day Certified Fire Sprinkler Plan

Helping your building project get up to fire regs fast to avoid costly delays.

1. Experienced Site Visit

Once appointed we will carry out a site visit to check everything through, making sure there are no surprises or hidden costs for you.

  1. Check water mains
  2. Measure flow rates
  3. Plan sprinkler layout

2. Certified Designs

We create accurate drawings making sure that you get final approval from the council as quick as possible.

  1. Detailed drawings (see sample)
  2. Responsive revisions (24 hours)
  3. Council acceptance

3. Certified Installation

Our installation team will be in and out in a couple of days making sure you receive a first-class fire sprinkler system as per your designs.

  1. Quality installation
  2. Fully tested
  3. Commissioned & certified

Yearly servicing from £70 +vat

Make sure your fire sprinklers keep doing their job

Keep your sprinklers in working order with a yearly visit from our servicing team.

Get a certified fire sprinkler system in 7 days so you can sign-off your build

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