Fast fire sprinkler systems for your build

Get your building project up to fire regs quickly and easily.

Fire sprinkler systems installed in 7 days

Help getting your sprinkler design approved

Avoid stressful, costly project delays

Worried installing fire sprinklers will hold-up your build?

More clients are having open plan properties, which, along with other things are flagging up the unexpected need for fire sprinklers. This unplanned addition can cause long delays if not dealt with properly.

Get a certified fire sprinkler solution in 7 days

Stress-free approval

Cut down on approval delays with our certified designs and support

Reduce expensive delays

Keep the pace of your project moving with a fire sprinkler team that think ahead

Don’t change your plans

Your fire sprinkler system will be fitted around your trades and your schedule

They won't look ugly

Modern fire sprinkler systems to compliment your design and keep it looking great

Certified designers and installers who know how to avoid costly problems

“Wesley really knows his stuff. He worked with us to quickly adjust the designs to speed up getting approval from the council”
ATS Building
“We didn’t have to worry because the fire sprinklers were created with such detail they passed fire regs…”
Kent Properties
“When planning approval finally came through Wes booked in our 2 day installation in the following week… ”
“Talk about quick! Systematik are geared up to work with your project and have a very efficient solution in place… ”
Loxwood Construction

3 Steps to sort your fire sprinklers

1. Send your drawings

You can email your project drawings which will be reviewed after an initial chat with Gen

2. Quote & consultation

Talk through your quotation and your project with Wesley our fire sprinkler specialist

3. Get your build up to regs

Keep the council happy with a certified sprinkler system that won’t slow-up your project

or call 01227 388946

Get a certified fire sprinkler system in 7 days so you can sign-off your build

Certified fire sprinkler systems Faversham, Kent, Essex, Sussex

More and more properties are opting for open plan living which flag up the need for better fire protection. Systematik Fire Sprinklers offers a fast 7-day certified fire sprinkler system solution from design to installation to architects, builders and developers in Faversham, Kent, Sussex and Essex who need to get their build up to fire regs fast and avoid costly delays.

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